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2 ways to secure your garden umbrella without using an umbrella base

garden umbrella

It’s great having a large garden umbrella! It can be tilted back and forth, rotated to provide shade and doesn’t get in the way of tables. However it has this one nagging problem. The base! It takes up lots of space. It would be better if it wasn’t there. The garden would look much neater and tidier without it.

There are solutions to solve this. When umbrella manufacturers wind rate umbrellas they are rated with the umbrellas fixed with a ground anchorage. This is a small plate or fixation that secures the umbrella to the ground. This means there is not the possibility of the umbrella being blown over in heavy winds. It is possible for a 120kg base to be blown over in heavy wind. So it is safer for the umbrella to be fixed to the ground.

There are a couple of ways to Secure the umbrella to the ground

Secure your garden umbrella

Mounting plate

Mounting plate for attaching umbrellas to existing concrete

The mounting plate is a small 30x30cm plate that can be fixed to an existing concrete floor. The depth of the concrete floor is important. It should be around 8cm + The more the better. The plate is drilled in to the concrete the expansion bolts. The Umbrella connector is then attached to the plate. The Plate sits above the ground and the umbrella can be removed when necessary by removing the connection bolts.

Ground Socket

Ground Socket

The ground socket is a small tube that is set in concrete allowing the umbrella to be connected to it. The benefit over the mounting plate is that the connector is hidden from view under the ground. A hole needs to be dug (hole size depending on the size of umbrella) and the ground socket fixed and concrete poured around it. Once the concrete is dry then an umbrella can be fitted. This option is more work but provides a cleaner look.

Check with our team regarding the fixing of your umbrella via a mounting plate or ground socket. We can provide advise on doing this in your garden.