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3 Advantages to using Shade Sails in the UAE

Motorised Shade Sails

Shade sails have been a popular shading solutions for customers looking for year round protection from the strong sun in the UAE. Fixed between walls or with posts, they allow the user to get a large part of their terrace or garden covered. Here we will cover the top 3 shade sail advantages over other forms of shading system.


Shade Sails can cover large spaces without the need for sophisticated systems. stretched over a pool or terrace, they can be easily bolted to building walls and garden walls to provide maximum coverage. And Where no wall exists then a metal post can be sunk into the ground. Additionally square, rectangular or triangular shade sails can be made. There is a lot of size flexibility with shade sails.


Shade Sails require very little maintenance. Using quality fabrics means that they often last many years before requiring replacement. If they are damaged in heavy winds then they can be easily and cost effectively be replaced with minimum fuss. Commercial 95 fabric has a 10 year warranty and requires minimal cleaning to keep looking good. this is the fabric of choice when making shade sails.


Compared to the sq meter price of other shading systems, fixed Shade Sails are more economical. Large areas can be covered cheaper than installing many smaller umbrellas or awning system.


So shade sails advantages are distinct compared to other systems including durability, size and price. This is not to say shade sails are without disadvantages. Every shading system should be the end users desired requirements. Fixed Shade Sails are non retractable so it is not possible (or difficult) to remove a fixed shade sail. For customers looking for retractable shade sails then retractable shade sail systems are a better solution including the range from Soliday. View the systems here.