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3 Great Garden Umbrellas for the Summer

garden umbrellas

Popular Garden Umbrellas

Garden umbrellas are a popular shading choice when the warmer summer months arrive. We show 3 of popular centre pole and cantilever garden umbrellas for use on terraces and gardens of Dubai and the UAE.

When choosing a garden umbrella, one of the first questions to ask is how much shading do you need to cover and where is the position of the sun. For shading tables and sunloungers then a centre pole garden umbrella can do the job. For small balconies a centre pole umbrella like our fortino in 200x200cm is also possible.

For shading sofas and larger dining area then a cantilever umbrella that has a base to the side is often suitable. Each umbrella can be positioned to provide optimum shading base on where the sun is in relation to the garden and at what time of the day the shading is used.

Below are 3 of the most popular cantilever and centre pole garden umbrellas for homes and gardens in the UAE.

Garden Umbrellas

Sombrano S+ cantilever umbrella 300×300

The Sombrano S+ has some unique features in that it can be tilted from side to side. Why is this important? Well it means that the umbrella can be positioned to the side depending on where the sun is. It is also able to be rotated 360 degrees and it also looks amazing

4,750AED – 7,950AED excl Vat

umbrella price in dubai

Sunflex Umbrella 300×300

The Sunflex umbrella is the less expensive brother of the Sombrano S+. However it still has some great features. 360 rotation. It has back tilting meaning you can tilt the umbrella up to provide more shade at different times of the day.

500AED excl Vat

Fortino Centre pole umbrella

Fortino Terrace Umbrella 200×200

The Fortino centre pole umbrella is a strong garden umbrella ideal when you need to shade terraces, small tables or loungers around the pool. There are two sizes 300cm dia and 200x200cm. The umbrella also features an innovative handle to open and close the umbrella upwards meaning it wont touch table and chairs when fully closed.

1,699AED – 1,920AED excl Vat

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