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3 Things to Consider when buying a shade Sail

buying a shade sail

With Shade Sails a popular choice in the summer months of Dubai, we thought we would highlight three things to consider when buying a shade sail for the Garden.


There are two main types of shades sails that can be supplied. Tensioned shade Sail or the non tensioned version. Both have their benefits however it is important to decide on one.

The Non tensioned shade sail is a standard shade that has a metal ring stitched at the end of each corner and has no tension in it. This simplicity allows for ease of installation and at a reduced price. This type is ideal for small areas, customers not wanting to spend alot of money. This type of shade should not be located in a very windy location.

The tensioned shade sail has a tensioned cable stitched in each side to keep the canopy tight. This allows the shade to have a nice curve to it but also means it can shade larger areas and handle stronger winds. This type need a strong wall bracket to keep the stronger tension.


Price is always an important factor. Shade Sails can vary in quite a large range depending on things like type of shade, Size, Posts and Concrete foundations. Generally shade Sails vary based on these factors from 500AED up to 6000AED. It is important to understand the budget when advising which type of shade and the features that are required.


Shade Sails are installed with Commercial 95 Fabric that is durable. We use this fabric has it has a long life and long warranty. There are a range of colours to choose from. Additionally there are options for the colour of the posts, plates and accessories that can be customised if required. These all need to be considered when purchasing a shade Sail.

As mentioned, there are a number of factors to be considered when buying a shade sail. Consult with our sales team or visit our warehouse display to view and discuss the Shade Sail options.