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4 Ways to choose the best Pool umbrellas in Dubai

centre pole umbrella advantages

Choosing a suitable pool umbrellas for Hotels and residences can be a difficult task. Which type should you choose? What sort of price is expected? How long will it last? Can the umbrella be Maintained? We discuss these issues below.

What type of umbrella should you use?

Pool umbrellas are used all day long for sunbathers round hotel pools, residential pools and garden pools. In the case of hotels they are used all day long for their customers. They therefore need to be more durable and long lasting compared to the residential options that only get occasional use. Additionally, Hotel umbrellas might not be monitored all day long as staff are busy so they need to be able to withstand winds and long use.

The best type for this is Centre pole umbrella. They can be strong, and stable in winds providing that they have a heavy base. Cantilever umbrellas can be used but there is a greater chance of them being damaged in strong winds.

How long will the pool umbrella last?

Providing that a centre pole umbrella has been supplied with a heavy base (minimum 60kg) then the umbrella frame should last many seasons. It will also depend on the fabric that is supplied. High quality textaline, Acrylic Solution dyed fabric have between 5-10 year warranties however cheaper fabrics will need changing earlier. If the umbrella has good quality components then it will be able to last many years.

Can pool umbrellas be maintained?

Yes they can if they are supplied by a good company with after sales service and support. Does the supplier provide spare parts if a rib is broken by wind? Can they change the canopy if it is damaged? For pool umbrellas in Hotels this is critical as they get all day long use and an umbrella out of action costs hotels potential revenue and unhappy customers.

How much do pool umbrellas cost in Dubai?

This is dependent on the quality of the umbrella, base weight, umbrella size and canopy. Pool umbrellas can range from 205$ (750AED) up to 820$ (3000AED) for high quality models. It will all depend on the features customers are looking for.