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A guide to motorised pergolas

motorised pergolas

Motorised pergolas have been getting more and more popular recently. Bioclimatic pergolas are proving popular with many different designs and sizes available. We breakdown the different types of motorised pergolas and their uses.

So why use a motorised pergola. Well for start they can reach projections that other shading methods are unable to reach. Up to 7m or more for some pergolas whereas the maximum an awning can project up to is 5 meters at present. Additionally motorised pergolas are able to withstand greater wind speed compared with other shading products such as awnings and umbrellas.

Finally the whole pergola can be be turned in to a summer room and another part of the home by adding glass around the edges. This means the pergola can be enjoyed no matter the weather.

Below highlights just some of the current models available in the market..

The Wall mounted Fabric Canopy pergola. Canopy is tensioned and with the motorised operation. The Verastor model made by Llaza can be installed up to 7m with multiple pergolas joined together creating a very large shading system.

Standalone bioclimatic pergola with adjustable louvres. Motor or manual operation is possible and lighting integration can be added. Additionally the structure can be self enclosed with glass doors or with motorised blinds. This model by Stobag from Austria offers a simple by pleasant design.

A wall mounted pergola with sealed edges to better prevent rain water and hot air from getting to the space below. Motorised retractable system. This system is much easier to fully enclose with glass and air conditioning.

The above pergolas are suitable depending on the end use of the customer. Some will be ideal for hotels and restaurants whereas others will be more suitable for homes and gardens. At the end of the day the choice is yours.