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Automate your awnings – How to make Smart Awnings

Somfy Motor mobile Control. Lady on terrace controlling awning
In the UAE, having awnings is essential to keeping terraces and homes cool in the warm summer months. Awnings can be installed with either a manual winder or a motor for ease of opening and closing. One smart solution is provide smart logic to your awning with additional sensors and hubs that allow home users to control and automate their awning. We guide you through below some of the possibilities for automating your awning.

1. Smart Awnings with Sensors

Eolis Shake Sensor

Smart Sensors allow certain actions to be performed by the awning motor when specific events occur. Some examples are as follows.

  • You open the awning and some heavy wind arrives. The awning shakes and the Somfy Eolis vibration sensor picks up the vibrations and closes the awning.
  • You leave for work. Your awning sensor automatically opens the awning as it detects sunlight. A sudden rain shower arrives. The rain sensor picks up the rain and automatically closes the awning.

2. Smart Hubs

Somfy Tahoma Switch

Smart Hubs Allow additional control of awnings via the use of your mobile Phone. The Somfy Tahoma Switch hub allows the awning motors to be controlled via a Mobile Application. Some of the features it offers are as follows: 

  • Open and Close awnings/Blinds on schedules
  • Control Somfy Smart Lights
  • Open and close awnings based on Time, Location Etc
  • Integrate and control with Third Party products.

As long as there is wifi connectivity for the hub then the awning can be easily controlled via mobile application.

3. Home Automation

Some customers wish to integrate their Awnings in to their existing home automation systems such as Home Assistant or OpenHab. There are several ways that this can be done depending on the system that it will be integrated in to.  The Following are possible solutions to integrating Somfy Motors into a home automation system.

There are lots of possibilities to make awnings smart with Somfy Motors. There are at least three ways to add smart features and schedules to awnings enabling them to make the users life easier.
Contact The Shading Company and we can See how we can make your awning smart.