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Awnings in Dubai and the UAE are a increasingly popular shading choice for homes and terraces. They allow the shading of terraces, doors and windows in homes. Our range includes a wide range of retractable awnings in cassette and monoblock designs for gardens and terraces. We offer motor and manual operations for controls. Mobile control, wind and shake sensors are also available for motor control.

We have the ability to customise the awnings in Dubai including sizes, canopy colour and flounce design.

Our Awnings in Dubai are manufactured by Llaza in Spain and have a manufacturers warranty against specified defects. The shading company is an experienced supplier of retractable Awnings. We can install them for Homes and gardens as well as restaurants and terraces. They are ideal in that they can be retracted when not needed and at a flick of a switch reopened to provide shading. We can also provide custom made logos for restaurants requiring branding. The Awnings are available on display in our Dubai, Al Quoz Warehouse.

Monoblock Awning

Max Width 600cm
Max projection 500cm

Monoblock awnings are the classic retractable awning for terrace shading and garden spaces. The awning can be adjusted in angle when installed up to 90 degrees. We custom make these awnings so they can be installed in any size. They are available in Motor and Manual options.

Cassette Awning

Max Width 600cm
Max projection 400cm

Cassette Awnings are supplied in a fully enclosed metal case with the ability to fully protect the fabric and components when the awning is closed. These awnings can offer either full protection or partial protection depending on the model. Cassette Awnings can be operated with a motor or for the smaller models manually.

Butterfly Awning

Max Width 600cm
Max projection 600cm

Butterfly Awnings offer an entirely different shading solution with a free standing structure that can be operated either manually or with motor. The ability to shade up to 600x600cm is possible.

Drop arm Awning

Max Width 500cm
Max projection 140cm

Drop arm awnings are retractable wall mounted awnings designed to shade around windows. The arms do not operate the same as normal awnings in that they move up and down the wall allowing the possibility of a 180degree shade. These awnings can be offered with a cassette version or open roller model. Drop arm Awnings can be operated with a motor or for the smaller models manually.

Drop Arm Awnings over a window

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Our retractable awnings are supplied to order in custom made sizes. When considering sizes, the projection and the width of the awning have to be considered.

The Width is the overall width of the awning as it is installed on the wall. This ranges from 2 meters to 6 meters plus.

The projection is defined by the distance the awning will reach out to when it is fully extended(open). The sizes range from 1.5 meters up to 5 meters.

Generally as a rule, the width needs to be greater than the projection by around 50-75cm depending on the model. This is to ensure the arms don’t hit each other when closing

awnings in dubai - awning accessories
Projection is the distance the awning extends out from a wall
Width x Projection200cm250cm300cm350cm400cm500cm
250cm widthYesYes*Yes*Yes*NoNo
300cm widthYesYesYes*Yes*NoNo
350cm widthYesYesYesYesNoNo
400cm widthYesYesYesYesNoNo
450cm widthYesYesYesYesNoNo
500cm widthYesYesYesYesYesNo
550cm widthYesYesYesYesYesNo
600cm widthYesYesYesYesYesYes
650cm WidthNoNoNoNoNoYes
* A special accessory is required
Awnings in Dubai | The Shading Company Dubai

Llaza Awnings from Spain

LAZA is a family business with over 45 years of history. Located in Spain, just outside of Barcelona, Llaza manufactures a wide range of awnings for export worldwide.

The company provides a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty on the powder coating and the frame components of the parts they produce. Llaza has a rigourous quality control department to ensure all the products that leave the factory are of the highest quality.

The Shading Company supplies a range of Llaza awnings in Dubai and the UAE.


Awnings in Dubai | The Shading Company Dubai
Retractable Awnings can be operated in two ways. With a manual winder or with a motor. The Manual options comes with a winder of various lengths that can be used to open and close the awning. The motor options required wiring for connecting the motor to a power supply. A remote control allows the awning to be opened and close. We supply our awnings in Dubai, UAE with Somfy motors. Somfy provide a 5 year manufacturers warranty and service and support in the UAE.

We can supply customers with a Wind sensor which provides a extra level of safety for customers. This device can close the awning based on sunlight level and wind speed protecting your awning in normal winds. A Note for wind sensors, these will not protect against strong winds and storms. Awning control via mobile app is also possible. It allows you to automate when you open and close the awning and control it from your phone.


We are able to provide lighting for awnings. Either in the arms built in or along the front profile of the awning and feeding into the front flap. The Lighting is a low power LED. The lighting can be controlled via remote control for ease of use and connected to mobile control via a Somfy Tahoma Switch.


We have a range of fabrics in stock for our awnings in Dubai and the UAE. To ensure the fabric won’t fade, we use fabrics that are solution dyed from respected brands. The Fabric brands we work with are Recasens, Sunbrella, and Sauleda. You can view some of the Fabric colours we have available below or on our fabric Page. We can also supply unique flounces (flaps) at the front of the awning. We can make multiple designs including straight or Scalloped Edges.


At the Shading company in Dubai we like to do a site inspection before we assemble and install the awning. This is to ensure that there are no issues, special brackets or complications in installing. Awnings need to be installed into concrete walls or metal support structures. We use special bolts and fittings to ensure the awning stays in place. The awning installation can take 3-5 hours. This is dependent on where the awning will be installed and whether there is easy access and special brackets are needed.

Wiring should be considered for motor and wind sensor operation and this needs to be linked to the nearest power supply. The awning angle can be set and agreed with the customer at the installation time to ensure it provides the required shade. We can agree this on site or before the installation.

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