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Awning Frequently asked questions

Purchasing awnings can be confusing to the first time buyer. Cassettes? Monoblock? retractable? Here are some of the awnings frequently asked questions that customer often ask.

Awning FAQs

There are normally a couple of reasons why an awning is a great shade of choice. Shade and cooling. Awnings can be installed with a projection of up to 500cm allowing ample shade on a terrace. Awnings can also be installed around windows and angled to provide shade inside at certain times of the day.
This all depends on personal choice and your budget of course. Cassette Awnings which protect the fabric when closed are sleeker and more modern looking but more expensive. Monoblock awnings are less expensive but dont have the design features of a cassette awning. You need to ask yourself why you need the awning and work from there.
This will depend on the model, size and motor or manual options. Monoblock awnings and the cheapest with cassette awnings more expensive. Motorisation obviously adds an additional amount. Check with our team when you know the size and model and we can provide you with accurate prices.

The awnings we supply are wind rated up to 40km/H depending on the size and model. This will depend on the size of awning and where it is located. Awnings are not designed for rain so the golden rule is close awnings when not in use and when windy conditions are expected.

View the Llaza Awning Windspeed Chart to see the Maximum windspeed of each awning

Llaza Provide warranties for the awnings they supply: LLAZA WORLD, S.A. guarantees all the article described in this catalogue for a period of two years from the date of their installation or 30 months from the printed manufacturing date. Coated articles have a 3 years warranty against corrosion.

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