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Butterfly Awnings

The flexible shading system

Butterfly Awnings provide standalone shading for location with no wall for normal awning fixation. A maximum size of 600×600 can be installed.
Butterfly awnings allow a free standing shade structue that can be easily retracted via manual winder or motor. A central rolling tube enables both sides of the butterfly awning to open at the same time. The awning can be customised to size with a maximum size of 600 x 600cm down to asmaller 400 x 300cm. Optional motor operation is possible with Somfy motors.
butterfly awnings

Wind sensors and mobile control are also possible. Additionally the awning can be customised to different powder coating colours and alternative canopy colours. Logo branding is also possible with printing on the main canopy or the flap. The butterfly awning can be installed either free standing or with a ground mounting solution.

Butterfly Awnings Range

Frequently asked questions about Butterfly Awnings

The maximum size is 600x600cm with 300cm arms on each side.
The Awning can be installed with a cross base with concrete tiles, ground socket and mounting plate installation. Alternatively a moveable base can be installed allowing the position of the butterfly awning to be moved when in use.
There are two options for opening and closing the awning. Manual winder or Motor options. The motor option can be controlled via remote control and additional wind sensor.

Each side of the awning opens and closes at the same time.  It is not possible with this system to open just one side of the Butterfly awning by itself.

Butterfly Awnings | The Shading Company Dubai

Llaza Awnings from Spain

Llaza is a family business with over 45 years of history. Located in Spain, just outside of Barcelona, Llaza manufactures a wide range of awnings for export worldwide. The company provides a 2 year manufacturers warranty on the powder coating and the frame components of the parts they produce.

Butterfly Awnings | The Shading Company Dubai

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