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Cassette Awnings

The Modern and Stylish Retractable Shading System

Cassette Awnings allow the fabric and internal components to be fully protected when the awning is closed.

Cassette Awnings offer the ability to fully protect the fabric and components when the awning is fully closed. The awnings can offer either full protection or partial protection depending on the model. Awnings can also be manually operated or with motor depending on the size. Additionally, the awning sizes range from 250cm projection up to 400cm. The width of the awning can be up to 700cm depending on the model.
Cassette Awnings

These awnings look more modern and stylish but are more expensive compared the monoblock awnings. We offer several types of cassette awnings and can offer customisation including frame powder coating, motor or manual and different fabric colours. Our awnings are made by Llaza and feature a 2 year manufacturer warranty against frame and component defects. Alternative awnings include monoblock awnings and butterfly awnings.


The Awnings can be fully motorised with Somfy Motor offering a 5 year warranty.


The Awnings offer full retractablility. Easily close the awning when needed.


The Cassette fully encloses the fabric when the awning is shut protecting the fabric.


Range of Sizes. 250cm projection up to 400cm projection. Widths up to 600cm+

Cassette Awnings Range

Cassette Awnings | The Shading Company Dubai

Llaza manufacture awnings

Llaza is a family business with over 45 years of history. Located in Spain, just outside of Barcelona, Llaza manufactures a wide range of awnings for export worldwide. The company provides a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty on the powder coating and the frame components of the parts they produce.

Cassette Awnings | The Shading Company Dubai

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