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Drop Arm Awnings

Effective Shading Solution

Drop arm awnings ( also known as window awnings) can be attached around windows and open spaces and provide an effective shading solution to stop the sun throughout the day. Drop arm awnings can be operated either via a manual winder of through a motor. They can be connected to a wind sensor or timer to open a specific times of the day or close under certain conditions.

This type of awning benefits from the ability to open up to 180 degrees to provide a total shading solution for a window or open space.

Drop Arm Awnings | The Shading Company Dubai

This is Ideal when you want to provide shade for inside your home. We can offer custom made drop arm awning solutions in a range of sizes and colours. We can supply a custom made canopy with flounce and even add logo printing. The awnings can be customised up to a width of 5m and projection of 1.80m.  The Awning is manufactured by Llaza and features a 2 year warranty. Contact our team and we would be happy to assist you with your requirements.

Drop Arm Awnings Range

Drop Arm Awning Projects

Drop Arm Awnings | The Shading Company Dubai

Llaza manufacture awnings

in Spain and supply a 2 year warranty for their awning against specifed manufacturing defects.
Drop Arm Awnings | The Shading Company Dubai

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