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When cantilever umbrellas are the right choice for shading

Cantilever umbrella
There are many shading choices available in Dubai at the moment ranging from shade sails to umbrellas. However, the cantilever umbrella is often a popular choice for restaurants and homeowners. We discover some of the reasons why cantilever umbrellas are the right shading choice on terraces and in gardens and when it’s best to avoid using them.

What is a cantilever umbrella?

It is important to understand what a cantilever umbrella is and how it differs from a hanging umbrella. Cantilever umbrella allows the user to close the canopy and the cantilevered arm retracts back to the pole allowing the umbrella to be closed away when not in use. Most cantilever umbrellas allow 360 rotation and back or side tilting features. A hanging umbrella, on the other hand, has an arm that hangs out and holds the canopy. The arm is fixed and hangs in place. The canopy is opened and closed on this arm. These umbrellas can be rotated 360 degrees but cannot be tilted back.

When a cantilever umbrella makes sense

Cantilever umbrellas hang from the side over areas to shade, This frees up space in the middle of the terrace or garden for tables, chairs and sun loungers. This is the main advantage of cantilever umbrellas. Restaurants like using cantilever umbrellas as the base sit out of the way of their dining space. Equally a sofa in a garden doesn’t need to have a big heavy base in the middle of a sofa space if a cantilever can hang over and provide shade. Additionally, some of the advanced features of the cantilever are useful when the sun shifts throughout the day. The umbrella can be moved, rotated, tilted to shade space when the sun shifts. This trickier to achieve with a centre pole umbrella.

When cantilever umbrellas are a wrong choice

Cantilever umbrellas are certainly useful in specific instances however there are some reasons why they might be the wrong solution. Windy locations (beaches, high floors) do not tend to favour cantilever umbrellas. With the base on the side, cantilever umbrellas can be blown over if the base is not sufficient. This can be mitigated by using a strong umbrella and bolting down the base using ground fixation. Furthermore, when a large number of cantilever umbrellas are needed to cover a terrace, it might be more efficient to use larger centre pole umbrellas or giant umbrellas to cover the shade area.

Buying Cantilever umbrellas in Dubai, UAE

The range of options for cantilever umbrellas in Dubai the UAE is extensive and it is important that buyers understand when a cantilever is the right and wrong choice as a shading solution. Alternatives do exist such as centre pole umbrellas, awnings, giant umbrellas, pergolas and these should be considered when a cantilever is not the right solution.