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Category: Awnings

Somfy Motor mobile Control. Lady on terrace controlling awning

Automate your awnings – How to make Smart Awnings

In the UAE, having awnings is essential to keeping terraces and homes cool in the warm summer months. Awnings can be installed with either a manual winder or a motor for ease of opening and closing. One smart solution is provide smart logic to your awning with additional sensors and hubs that allow home users to control and automate their awning. We guide you through below some of the possibilities for automating your awning. 1. Smart Awnings with Sensors Smart Sensors allow certain actions to be performed by the awning motor when specific events occur. Some examples are as follows. You open the awning and some heavy wind arrives. The awning shakes and the Somfy Eolis vibration sensor picks up the

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wind effect on shades

Wind Effect on Shades – Wind on buildings and how it affects shades

As part of our service for customers, we undertake site surveys so that we can fully understand the site conditions and advise customers on the right shading solution for their needs. One of several factors that needs to be considered is the windspeed that is present at the site and therefore the type of shading solution that is suitable for such a wind speed. Our general rule wind effect on shades has always been: If the shade is located near to the sea then it requires a stronger shading solution and the higher the shading the stronger the shade needs to be. One often overlooked and hard to understand variable in this equation is the effect that neighbouring buildings can have on

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shading in the UAE

Understanding wind for shading in the UAE

The UAE climate receives a large change in temperature between January and December. We receive high temperatures, Humidity, and also strong winds and storms. An understanding of wind is important in ensuring your shading remains in good working condition. Knowing when to close a shade and when to expect heavy winds is vital to keeping your shade in tip-top condition. Types of winds There are many different types of winds, and they can be classified in a number of ways. The most common way to classify winds is by their speed. Winds are typically classified as either high-speed winds or low-speed winds. High-speed winds are typically over 120 kilometers per hour, while low-speed winds are under that threshold. Another way

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protecting your awning

Protecting your awning from wind and rain in the UAE

The UAE is known for year round sunshine and is one of the appeals for a lot of visitors to the UAE. What is not often expected is the unstable weather conditions that the UAE experiences at certain points of the year. This often leads to damage to shading systems such as awnings. We cover what to expect and how to protect your awning from such unexpected wind and rain. Maximum wind Speed For the awnings we supply, the manufacturer LLaza indicated the maximum windspeed that the awning system can withstand before it should be closed. This windspeed will depend on a number of factors such as the size of awning and the weight of the fabric. You can find

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Common Questions asked when buying an Awning

There are a number of questions customers commonly ask when buying an awning in the UAE. We highlight some of the more popular questions asked by customer to make it easier for prospective customers. What is the price range of Awnings? This depends on several factors including the size, type of awning and whether motor or manual operation is required. Art Monoblock awnings range from 2500AED up to 8000AED for the motorised 600x400cm Awnings. The 500cm large awnings can go up to 15000AED. Can I Choose the Fabric? Yes we have a selection of fabric available to choose from ranging from the popular beige colours through to blues, reds and even stripes. Can the angle of the Awning be adjusted?

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sun shade suppliers in Dubai

Sun Shade Suppliers in Dubai – How to choose the right one?

Looking for Sun Shade Suppliers in Dubai? It is important to pick the right sun shade suppliers for your needs when choosing a shading solution whether it be for home or for commercial use. What do you need to look for? What pitfalls can you avoid? We can explain. Range The first question to ask is; does the sun shade supplier have a broad range. Do they supply a range of shading solutions on just one? Umbrellas, awnings, pergolas or shade sails.. An experienced sun shade supplier will have multiple solutions for your project. This gives the customer greater choice and flexibility Installation and delivery Does the sun shade supplier offer installation and delivery? Good quality suppliers will do this in a good time scale

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Tensile Shade Sail

Protecting Shades from Wind & Rain

Shades are great for protecting us from the harsh effects of the sun. In the climate of the middle east, we have year-round sunshine. However, at certain points of the year, monsoons carry over from India and the UAE sees strong winds and heavy rain and flooding. Protecting shades in such scenarios become hard. How to protect shades in rain and wind to avoid damage? We explain. Windspeed As mentioned in previous articles, wind is what damages shading systems. This happens when the windspeed exceeds the designed limits of the shading system. Therefore it is important that the owner either close the shading system or have a method to ensure that when the windspeed is met that the shading system

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Shading Solutions for Windy Locations

Shading Solutions for Windy Locations

Awnings & Umbrellas that can withstand strong winds A common question we ask when discussing shading solutions, like awnings and umbrellas, with customers is how windy is the location of the shade. This is an important factor when determining the right shade. An incorrect shading solution might get damaged easily. So how do you decide? What is the right Solution? Let us explain. A question of wind An easy way to measure how much wind is at a location is by using anemometer. This measures the windspeed. It’s very useful in determining what is suitable for the location. Windspeed is generally greater by the sea and on higher floors. Also buildings sometimes funnel the air flow creating very windy locations inland.

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shading supplier

Shading suppliers in UAE – How to choose the right one?

Looking for a shading supplier in Dubai, UAE? Choosing the right shading supplier is important for customers looking to get a full range of shading options and solutions for their outdoor spaces. What makes a good supplier? How can you find one? What problems should you look for? We discuss these questions here. What makes a good Shading supplier? Choosing a good shading supplier is critical in many ways. An experienced provider will be able to supply and install solutions in a range of scenarios. Think of wall and ceiling mounting or installing in narrow spaces. Furthermore, they will be able to come up with a range of solutions to shade area for low and higher budgets and be able

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Complet pro awning

Awning price in Dubai

How much do Awnings cost in Dubai? There are a variety of retractable awnings on the market today, each with their benefits. The common question we are always asked is how much does the awning cost? However before we can accurately answer this question there are always three questions we need to ask a customer.. What type of awning are you looking for? There are three main common types of retractable awnings in Dubai. Monoblock, Cassette and Butterfly. For a detailed articles on how they are different view this article here. What size awning do you require? Awning sizes are customised and can range from a width for 300cm up to 600cm projection. The projection or how far it reaches out

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