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Category: Blinds

wind effect on shades

Wind Effect on Shades – Wind on buildings and how it affects shades

As part of our service for customers, we undertake site surveys so that we can fully understand the site conditions and advise customers on the right shading solution for their needs. One of several factors that needs to be considered is the windspeed that is present at the site and therefore the type of shading solution that is suitable for such a wind speed. Our general rule wind effect on shades has always been: If the shade is located near to the sea then it requires a stronger shading solution and the higher the shading the stronger the shade needs to be. One often overlooked and hard to understand variable in this equation is the effect that neighbouring buildings can have on

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outdoor blinds

Outdoor blinds and keeping your home cool

The Summers in the UAE and Middle east can be notoriously hot. With temperatures reaching up to 50 Degrees, home owners invest in newer AC units and crank them up to full throttle just to keep the home a little cooler. One strategy is to try to keep the home cooler by letting less heat get into the home. This is where outdoor blinds play a roll. Want to know more? Then read on… Generally when it comes to customers installing Awnings, there are two main reasons they buy them. To shade a terrace or keep their home cool. The Second option allows us to install smaller 150cm to 200cm projection awning that can be tilted to block some of the Sun

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Tensile Shade Sail

Protecting Shades from Wind & Rain

Shades are great for protecting us from the harsh effects of the sun. In the climate of the middle east, we have year-round sunshine. However, at certain points of the year, monsoons carry over from India and the UAE sees strong winds and heavy rain and flooding. Protecting shades in such scenarios become hard. How to protect shades in rain and wind to avoid damage? We explain. Windspeed As mentioned in previous articles, wind is what damages shading systems. This happens when the windspeed exceeds the designed limits of the shading system. Therefore it is important that the owner either close the shading system or have a method to ensure that when the windspeed is met that the shading system

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