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Category: Q&A

Looking for Awning in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

I am looking for Awnings to be installed for my shop in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Do you guys supply the awnings? Which type of Awning do you suggest for me? And how much does it cost? Mr. Nabeel, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Hello Nabeel, Yes, we do supply awnings to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. What kind of awnings are you are looking for? Our range includes retractable awnings in cassette and mono-block awnings. These awnings come in options of motor or manual controls. For motor-controlled awnings wind and shakes sensors are available. Also, you can control them using a smart device (mobile phone). The canopies can be custom branded to show your shop or brand name. Moreover, you have the freedom to

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Shading for Villa in Abu Dhabi UAE

I am looking for shading for the backyard of my villa. What’s a good option? A shade sail or side pole umbrella. Do you guys install the shading in Abu Dhabi? Anthony, Abu Dhabi, UAE Anthony, thanks for contacting The Shading Company. Yes, we do install shading in Abu Dhabi. Shading the backyard of a villa is a good thing in many ways. It extends the usable space, regardless of the weather conditions, and also helps to keep the indoors cooler. Now, whether to settle for a shade sail, side pole umbrella, or an awning – is a question that can be answered based on a few other aspects – like How big is the area you want to shade?

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Outdoor Umbrella UAE – Garden Umbrellas

I had a centre pole umbrella in the garden. It was not strong enough to withstand the wind and the operation of the umbrella was so difficult. I’m looking for a better one that can withstand the weather conditions of UAE. Please suggest. Rania, Al Ain, UAE Rania, sorry to hear that the centre pole umbrella you have in your garden is not well suited to the weather conditions of UAE. What you should have looked for the win resistance capacity. The base weight also matters. We have outdoor umbrellas that are tested for weather conditions of the UAE and the rest of the GCC and the Middle East. These umbrellas can resist sand storms and strong winds. However, the

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Outdoor Umbrella Oman -Supply Giant Umbrellas to Salalah, Oman

Do you guys supply Giant Outdoor Umbrellas to Oman? We require a few of them for our resort in Salalah. Abd El Kader, Salalah, Oman Kader, yes we do supply Giant Umbrellas to Salalah, Oman. Giant Umbrellas are a very good option for resorts like the one you have in Salalah. Though they are called Giant Umbrella, it has less footprint – thanks to its minimal base fixation; however, it has a large shade area. Giant Umbrella is very well suited for restaurants or terraces of hotels and resorts. We have Giant Umbrella ranging from 500x500cm up to 700x700cm and 800cm diameter. Giant umbrellas are strong and can withstand strong gusts of wind. They also require little maintenance and service.

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Shade Sail in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia – Supplier of Shade Sails

What’s the cost of shade sail including supply and installation in Jeddah? We need an Olympic sized swimming pool to be partially shaded. Also, let us know what kind of maintenance will be required. Siraj, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia Siraj, we can supply shade sail to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Though you mentioned you want to shade an Olympic-sized swimming pool, we will require exact measurements Shade Sail pool Shade in Dubai and a few other details to provide you with a quote. Since it’s a swimming pool you want to shade, a fixed shade Sail would be a good solution. Fixed shade sails do not have any control options, unlike motorized or retractable shade sails. Based on the surrounding conditions and

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Pergola for Villa, Shade Sail in Fujairah, UAE

What’s the best solution to shade an open veranda? Shade sail or Pergola? We are looking to shade the space between Arab-style villas in Fujairah, without damaging the structure. Please suggest Balakrishna, Fujairah, UAE Hello Balakrishna, we understand that the structure has an Arabic style and you want to shade the area without damaging the visual and structural beauty of the villas. Whether to use a Shade Sail or Pergola mostly depends on the area as well as the structure itself. This will require a site visit by one of our shading experts. He will be able to suggest you the best shading solution based on factors on-site.

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Umbrella for Apartment Balcony in UAE

Do you have umbrellas that can fit on the apartment balcony? If yes, can I buy them online? Do you guys deliver to JLT in Dubai? Jennifer, JLT, Dubai Jennifer, yes – we do have umbrellas that can fit in the apartment balcony. And yes, we do deliver to Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai. Also, you can buy them online. You may choose Piazzino Outdoor Umbrella, Shell Turn Umbrella, Flex Roof, or Rustico umbrellas. All these are center pole umbrellas that can be used on balconies. A retractable awning is a good option for larger balconies. Consider that as well. In all cases, make sure that you close them when not in use. That way you can ensure a longer life

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