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Category: Shade Sails

wind effect on shades

Wind Effect on Shades – Wind on buildings and how it affects shades

As part of our service for customers, we undertake site surveys so that we can fully understand the site conditions and advise customers on the right shading solution for their needs. One of several factors that needs to be considered is the windspeed that is present at the site and therefore the type of shading solution that is suitable for such a wind speed. Our general rule wind effect on shades has always been: If the shade is located near to the sea then it requires a stronger shading solution and the higher the shading the stronger the shade needs to be. One often overlooked and hard to understand variable in this equation is the effect that neighbouring buildings can have on

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Motorised Shade Sails

Shade Sail Price in Dubai

Shade Sail Price in Dubai – How much do Shade Sails cost in Dubai? There are actually a couple of different shade sails available in the market. Premade Standard models in specific sizes and custom made standard and tensioned types to fit specific areas. How it is installed needs to be considered. Posts and concrete foundations add an extra cost. What type of Shade Sail are you looking for? The two main types are tensioned and non tensioned. The Non Tensioned features a  metal D ring at each corner. These types are either premade and available in Ace Hardware or Custom made to specific sizes. They tend to sag more than tensioned shade Sails but are cheaper. The second type is tensioned

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Fortino Umbrellas for Garden

Garden Shading on a Budget – Top 3 Shading Options

Garden shading can get quite expensive depending on the type of shading you require aswell as the amount of shading you need to cover. We offer three shading solutions that can be used to get good shading for customers on a budget. 1.Cantilever Umbrellas Cantilever umbrellas offer a more economical solution depending on the model and type. They are popular as the allow 360 rotation and tilting features often as standard. They come in size 300cm dia, 300×300 and 350x350cm. Our Sunflex umbrella offers an easy and economical choice for customers looking for shading in their garden. View the full range of Cantilever umbrellas. 2. Shade Sails Shade Sails are a great solution for customers looking for a cost effective shading solution for a larger space.

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buying a shade sail

3 Things to Consider when buying a shade Sail

With Shade Sails a popular choice in the summer months of Dubai, we thought we would highlight three things to consider when buying a shade sail for the Garden. Type There are two main types of shades sails that can be supplied. Tensioned shade Sail or the non tensioned version. Both have their benefits however it is important to decide on one. The Non tensioned shade sail is a standard shade that has a metal ring stitched at the end of each corner and has no tension in it. This simplicity allows for ease of installation and at a reduced price. This type is ideal for small areas, customers not wanting to spend alot of money. This type of shade

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sun shade suppliers in Dubai

Sun Shade Suppliers in Dubai – How to choose the right one?

Looking for Sun Shade Suppliers in Dubai? It is important to pick the right sun shade suppliers for your needs when choosing a shading solution whether it be for home or for commercial use. What do you need to look for? What pitfalls can you avoid? We can explain. Range The first question to ask is; does the sun shade supplier have a broad range. Do they supply a range of shading solutions on just one? Umbrellas, awnings, pergolas or shade sails.. An experienced sun shade supplier will have multiple solutions for your project. This gives the customer greater choice and flexibility Installation and delivery Does the sun shade supplier offer installation and delivery? Good quality suppliers will do this in a good time scale

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Shading Solutions for Windy Locations

Shading Solutions for Windy Locations

Awnings & Umbrellas that can withstand strong winds A common question we ask when discussing shading solutions, like awnings and umbrellas, with customers is how windy is the location of the shade. This is an important factor when determining the right shade. An incorrect shading solution might get damaged easily. So how do you decide? What is the right Solution? Let us explain. A question of wind An easy way to measure how much wind is at a location is by using anemometer. This measures the windspeed. It’s very useful in determining what is suitable for the location. Windspeed is generally greater by the sea and on higher floors. Also buildings sometimes funnel the air flow creating very windy locations inland.

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shading supplier

Shading suppliers in UAE – How to choose the right one?

Looking for a shading supplier in Dubai, UAE? Choosing the right shading supplier is important for customers looking to get a full range of shading options and solutions for their outdoor spaces. What makes a good supplier? How can you find one? What problems should you look for? We discuss these questions here. What makes a good Shading supplier? Choosing a good shading supplier is critical in many ways. An experienced provider will be able to supply and install solutions in a range of scenarios. Think of wall and ceiling mounting or installing in narrow spaces. Furthermore, they will be able to come up with a range of solutions to shade area for low and higher budgets and be able

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Motorised Shade Sails

3 Advantages to using Shade Sails in the UAE

Shade sails have been a popular shading solutions for customers looking for year round protection from the strong sun in the UAE. Fixed between walls or with posts, they allow the user to get a large part of their terrace or garden covered. Here we will cover the top 3 shade sail advantages over other forms of shading system. Size Shade Sails can cover large spaces without the need for sophisticated systems. stretched over a pool or terrace, they can be easily bolted to building walls and garden walls to provide maximum coverage. And Where no wall exists then a metal post can be sunk into the ground. Additionally square, rectangular or triangular shade sails can be made. There is

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