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wind effect on shades

Wind Effect on Shades – Wind on buildings and how it affects shades

As part of our service for customers, we undertake site surveys so that we can fully understand the site conditions and advise customers on the right shading solution for their needs. One of several factors that needs to be considered is the windspeed that is present at the site and therefore the type of shading solution that is suitable for such a wind speed. Our general rule wind effect on shades has always been: If the shade is located near to the sea then it requires a stronger shading solution and the higher the shading the stronger the shade needs to be. One often overlooked and hard to understand variable in this equation is the effect that neighbouring buildings can have on

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Fortino Umbrellas for Garden

Garden Shading on a Budget – Top 3 Shading Options

Garden shading can get quite expensive depending on the type of shading you require aswell as the amount of shading you need to cover. We offer three shading solutions that can be used to get good shading for customers on a budget. 1.Cantilever Umbrellas Cantilever umbrellas offer a more economical solution depending on the model and type. They are popular as the allow 360 rotation and tilting features often as standard. They come in size 300cm dia, 300×300 and 350x350cm. Our Sunflex umbrella offers an easy and economical choice for customers looking for shading in their garden. View the full range of Cantilever umbrellas. 2. Shade Sails Shade Sails are a great solution for customers looking for a cost effective shading solution for a larger space.

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sun shades in dubai

Sun Shades in Dubai – how to pick the right model.

Sunshades are popular in Dubai and the UAE due to the near year round sunshine and high temperatures. There are several different types of Sunshades which we outline below and we highlight when each type is best to be used. Umbrellas, Awnings, Shade Sails and Pergolas. A sunshade is any device allowing protection from the Sun. They are very popular for gardens and businesses looking to shade from the Sun. The Most popular Sunshades are listed below. Umbrellas or Parasols Umbrellas or parasols are typically Cantilever or hanging types that allow a base to be positioned to the side. The are popular for this reason in that they don’t get in the way of tables and sofas. These are ideal when

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garden umbrella

2 ways to secure your garden umbrella without using an umbrella base

It’s great having a large garden umbrella! It can be tilted back and forth, rotated to provide shade and doesn’t get in the way of tables. However it has this one nagging problem. The base! It takes up lots of space. It would be better if it wasn’t there. The garden would look much neater and tidier without it. There are solutions to solve this. When umbrella manufacturers wind rate umbrellas they are rated with the umbrellas fixed with a ground anchorage. This is a small plate or fixation that secures the umbrella to the ground. This means there is not the possibility of the umbrella being blown over in heavy winds. It is possible for a 120kg base to

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umbrella price in dubai

Umbrella Price in Dubai

How much do umbrellas cost in Dubai? There are a variety of umbrellas on the market today, each with their benefits. The common question we are always asked is how much does an umbrella cost? However before we can accurately answer this question there are always three questions we need to ask a customer.. What type of umbrella are you looking for? There are three main common types of umbrellas in Dubai. Cantilever, Centre pole and Giant umbrellas. For a detailed articles on how they are different view this article here What size umbrella do you require? Umbrella sizes vary and can range from 250cm up to 600cm round or 200×200 up to 600×600. Common sizes are around 300cm round and

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garden umbrellas

3 Great Garden Umbrellas for the Summer

Popular Garden Umbrellas Garden umbrellas are a popular shading choice when the warmer summer months arrive. We show 3 of popular centre pole and cantilever garden umbrellas for use on terraces and gardens of Dubai and the UAE. When choosing a garden umbrella, one of the first questions to ask is how much shading do you need to cover and where is the position of the sun. For shading tables and sunloungers then a centre pole garden umbrella can do the job. For small balconies a centre pole umbrella like our fortino in 200x200cm is also possible. For shading sofas and larger dining area then a cantilever umbrella that has a base to the side is often suitable. Each umbrella can be

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sun shade suppliers in Dubai

Sun Shade Suppliers in Dubai – How to choose the right one?

Looking for Sun Shade Suppliers in Dubai? It is important to pick the right sun shade suppliers for your needs when choosing a shading solution whether it be for home or for commercial use. What do you need to look for? What pitfalls can you avoid? We can explain. Range The first question to ask is; does the sun shade supplier have a broad range. Do they supply a range of shading solutions on just one? Umbrellas, awnings, pergolas or shade sails.. An experienced sun shade supplier will have multiple solutions for your project. This gives the customer greater choice and flexibility Installation and delivery Does the sun shade supplier offer installation and delivery? Good quality suppliers will do this in a good time scale

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Tensile Shade Sail

Protecting Shades from Wind & Rain

Shades are great for protecting us from the harsh effects of the sun. In the climate of the middle east, we have year-round sunshine. However, at certain points of the year, monsoons carry over from India and the UAE sees strong winds and heavy rain and flooding. Protecting shades in such scenarios become hard. How to protect shades in rain and wind to avoid damage? We explain. Windspeed As mentioned in previous articles, wind is what damages shading systems. This happens when the windspeed exceeds the designed limits of the shading system. Therefore it is important that the owner either close the shading system or have a method to ensure that when the windspeed is met that the shading system

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restaurant shading

Why giant umbrellas are a great choice for restaurant shading

Giant Umbrellas are the preferred choice of shading for UAE for Restaurants & Cafes Restaurant shading is a common use of umbrellas in the UAE. Restaurants often need to shade large areas for their customers for their outdoor dining. Why are giant umbrellas a better option compared to other umbrellas? What are the benefits these umbrellas? We will explain. What are giant umbrellas? Giant umbrellas are large centre pole umbrellas. They span much larger areas that standard centre pole umbrellas. They can reach sizes of up to 8 meters round. They can be operated with a hand crank or via a motor and can be integrated with lighting, speakers and heating. Giant umbrellas can be installed directly in to the ground

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Cantilever umbrella

When cantilever umbrellas are the right choice for shading

There are many shading choices available in Dubai at the moment ranging from shade sails to umbrellas. However, the cantilever umbrella is often a popular choice for restaurants and homeowners. We discover some of the reasons why cantilever umbrellas are the right shading choice on terraces and in gardens and when it’s best to avoid using them. What is a cantilever umbrella? It is important to understand what a cantilever umbrella is and how it differs from a hanging umbrella. Cantilever umbrella allows the user to close the canopy and the cantilevered arm retracts back to the pole allowing the umbrella to be closed away when not in use. Most cantilever umbrellas allow 360 rotation and back or side tilting

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