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Common Questions asked when buying an Awning

There are a number of questions customers commonly ask when buying an awning in the UAE. We highlight some of the more popular questions asked by customer to make it easier for prospective customers.

What is the price range of Awnings?

This depends on several factors including the size, type of awning and whether motor or manual operation is required. Art Monoblock awnings range from 2500AED up to 8000AED for the motorised 600x400cm Awnings. The 500cm large awnings can go up to 15000AED.

Can I Choose the Fabric?

Yes we have a selection of fabric available to choose from ranging from the popular beige colours through to blues, reds and even stripes.

Can the angle of the Awning be adjusted?

Yes. When we come to install the awning we can set the awning to open at the agreed angle. Depending on the awning, they can be adjusted to quite a large range.

Can I change the canopy later on?

Yes we can make replacement canopies for the awning. The existing canopy can be remove and the replacement canopy added.

Do motors last in the UAE? Wont they get damaged?

We use Somfy motors from France as they have a 5 year manufacturers warranty and also service support for the UAE from their facility in Jebel ali. We rarely encounter issues with Somfy motors and when we do they can be fixed easily by Somfy Technicians.

Can I Change the frame Colour of the Awning?

We stock Splenbox awnings in Grey Colours and Monoblock awnings in White. We can Powder Coat and Spray paint the Awning arms in the UAE however for a better finish we recommend ordering from the Llaza Factory in Spain.

How long will it take to install my awning?

This depends on our schedule however it will vary from 10 to 21 days normally. Check with our sales staff and they can assist you.