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Garden Shading on a Budget – Top 3 Shading Options

Fortino Umbrellas for Garden

Garden shading can get quite expensive depending on the type of shading you require aswell as the amount of shading you need to cover. We offer three shading solutions that can be used to get good shading for customers on a budget.

1.Cantilever Umbrellas

garden shading

Cantilever umbrellas offer a more economical solution depending on the model and type. They are popular as the allow 360 rotation and tilting features often as standard. They come in size 300cm dia, 300×300 and 350x350cm. Our Sunflex umbrella offers an easy and economical choice for customers looking for shading in their garden. View the full range of Cantilever umbrellas.

2. Shade Sails

Shade Sails

Shade Sails are a great solution for customers looking for a cost effective shading solution for a larger space. The Shade Sail does need to be installed in to concrete but can be easily attached to the side of villas and connected to walls and pergolas. Non tensioned shade sails can be custom made inexpensively for the shade area and can also be installed by a proficient person with DIY skills. View our range of shade sails here

3.Centre Pole Umbrellas

Centre Pole Umbrellas

Centre pole umbrellas offer a flexible and easy solution for garden and terrace shading. Although not as large as the cantilever umbrellas they can be positioned and tilted (depending on the features) to provide a great shading solution in gardens. They are generally much cheaper than cantilever models depending on the model. You can view our full range here


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