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Why giant umbrellas are a great choice for restaurant shading

restaurant shading

Giant Umbrellas are the preferred choice of shading for UAE for Restaurants & Cafes

Restaurant shading is a common use of umbrellas in the UAE. Restaurants often need to shade large areas for their customers for their outdoor dining. Why are giant umbrellas a better option compared to other umbrellas? What are the benefits these umbrellas? We will explain.

What are giant umbrellas?

Giant umbrellas are large centre pole umbrellas. They span much larger areas that standard centre pole umbrellas. They can reach sizes of up to 8 meters round. They can be operated with a hand crank or via a motor and can be integrated with lighting, speakers and heating. Giant umbrellas can be installed directly in to the ground via a ground socket or installed with a base up to 620KG!

Why giant umbrellas for restaurant shading?

Giant umbrellas have numerous benefits over other types of umbrellas. They can cover a much larger area than smaller umbrellas and therefore need less space for bases that lots of smaller umbrellas. This is important when space is important such as for restaurants and hotels. Having lots of small bases means less space for paying customers in your restaurant.

The other advantage is one of maintenance. Giant umbrellas can last a long time due to their size. They can also withstand stronger winds than smaller umbrellas. This means fewer repairs and less hassle for the owner in getting the umbrella repaired. What is often vital for restaurant owners is the outdoor space for paying customers. Removing vital restaurant shading for repair means potential lost revenue.

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Why giant umbrellas are a great choice for restaurant shading | The Shading Company Dubai
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