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Outdoor blinds and keeping your home cool

outdoor blinds

The Summers in the UAE and Middle east can be notoriously hot. With temperatures reaching up to 50 Degrees, home owners invest in newer AC units and crank them up to full throttle just to keep the home a little cooler. One strategy is to try to keep the home cooler by letting less heat get into the home. This is where outdoor blinds play a roll. Want to know more? Then read on…

Generally when it comes to customers installing Awnings, there are two main reasons they buy them. To shade a terrace or keep their home cool. The Second option allows us to install smaller 150cm to 200cm projection awning that can be tilted to block some of the Sun from entering the home. An alternative to this is installing an outdoor blind fixed around a window of your home that can be lowered and raised when required. Linked with motors and home automation, this presents a real smart solution.

The benefits of outdoor blinds are multiple…

  • Less need for indoor blinds creating a cleaner look in the room
  • Less cooling cost as the glass is not heated up as much creating less work for the AC system
  • Smart Solution that can be linked to Home automation Software. Open at night and close at certain times of the day.

In addition to home cooling, outdoor blinds are also used in Pergolas and gazebos. They can be installed to prevent cool air escaping and preventing bugs and flies entering the pergola. Additionally they can also be a privacy aid from neighbours.

Below are some of the projects where we have installed blinds for Customers in the UAE. Check with the Shading Company on how they can keep your home cool.