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Outdoor Fabrics

We supply a range Outdoor Fabrics and shade cloth in Dubai, UAE for canopies including Umbrellas, Awnings and Shade Sails and pergolas. We primarily offer acrylic Solution Dyed Fabric due to its excellent lifespan and resistance to rot, fading and deterioration. Solution dyed ensures that the outdoor fabric lasts a long time and does not degrade and fade in the Sunshine of the Middle East.

Furthermore, we can offer fabrics from Sauleda, RecasensSunbrella, Dickson and many more worldwide brands. Outdoor fabrics offer water resistance and also waterproof capabilities. Additionally FR outdoor Fabrics can also be supplied for projects. Visit our Warehouse in Al Quoz, Dubai to discuss your requirements and we would be delighted to see how we can assist.

Outdoor Fabrics | The Shading Company Dubai
Outdoor Fabrics | The Shading Company Dubai
Outdoor Fabrics | The Shading Company Dubai
Outdoor Fabrics | The Shading Company Dubai

Sauleda Outdoor Fabrics

Sauleda from Spain Supply high quality acrylic solution dyed fabric for Awnings, umbrellas and other shades. 300GSM with a 10 year Warranty against Specified defects. The fabric also offers water repellency features.

FR Fabrics

FR Fabrics are fire retardant and used in awnings and umbrellas where the umbrellas or awnings are near flames or present a fire risk. Using Top FR polyester Fabric by Sauleda.

Recasens Outdoor Fabrics

Recasens in Spain Supply acrylic solution dyed fabric for Awnings and umbrellas. Reacril Fabric has 300GSM with up to 12 year Warranty against Specified defects. Refer to Manufacturer terms.

Screen Fabric

Screen fabric is an open mesh vinyl fabric designed for outdoor blinds. the Fabric is 250cm width with a weight of 400gr/m2. It has an openness factor of 5%. View the specs.

Twitchell Fabric

Twitchell Produce a range of strong heavy duty fabrics for use on umbrellas, awnings and Screens. TEXTILENE® 80 and 90 are durable synthetic fabrics made of PVC coated polyester. Designed to reduce heat transfer and solar glare, our fabrics can lower overall energy cost and protect indoor furnishings. Fade resistant, they are excellent choices for a variety of indoor or outdoor uses. TEXTILENE® 80 blocks up to 80% of the sun’s rays and TEXTILENE® 90 blocks up to 90% of the sun’s rays.

Glatz Fabric Range

Glatz offer a wide range of high quality fabrics for their range of umbrellas. The range is divided into 3 classes. The Class 5 fabric is the high performance fabric and features a wide range of Solution dyed Fabrics. View the below link to see the 3 Core fabric ranges. This fabric is for umbrellas ordered from Glatz.

Class 2 Standard Canopies

Fibre dyed polyester fabric (100%) from GLATZ material Substance class 2 . 220g / m2. 98%UV rating

Shade Sail Fabric

Gale Pacific supply high quality shade sail fabric that can be tensioned and is durable in the all round weather conditions of the UAE. The fabric features quality performance and a long warranty.

Fabric Warranty

The Solution dyed outdoor fabric we offer are designed for outdoor shading applications. They are solution dyed fabric allowing the fabric to resist against fading and deteriation. The manufacturer warranty varies however minimum 5 years is common.

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