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Fabrics FAQ

There are several factors in understanding outdoor shading fabrics. See the below FAQ answering the common questions.

Solution dyed fabric is a man made fibre designed for outdoor use. The core of the fibre contains the colour all the way through. This is compared to the fibre dyed where only the outer coating of the fibre contains the colour. Fibre dyed fabric will fade gradually as the outer coating is worn away in the sun. This is why we only use Solution dyed fabric in the middle east. For more information on Solution dyed fabric and its differences visit this page

There are a number of brands that produced quality Solution dyed fabric. We can supply fabric from Sunbrella, Dickson, Recasens, Sauleda. Other fabrics that are not solution dyed but still high quality are Serge Ferrari, Twitchell fabrics.

This often depends on which manufacturer however most manufacturers suggest soapy warm water and a light brush to gently remove any stains. Then with a hose remove the soapy water. Repeat on other area.

This will depend on the manufacturer however most outdoor canopy fabrics have a warranty of ranging between 5 years and some up to 12 years.

Glatz Provide Notes on Care for their Fabric Canopies. This is information on care of the canopy and peculiarities of the production process. View PDF

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