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Outdoor Umbrella UAE – Garden Umbrellas

I had a centre pole umbrella in the garden. It was not strong enough to withstand the wind and the operation of the umbrella was so difficult. I’m looking for a better one that can withstand the weather conditions of UAE. Please suggest.
Rania, Al Ain, UAE

Outdoor Umbrella UAERania, sorry to hear that the centre pole umbrella you have in your garden is not well suited to the weather conditions of UAE. What you should have looked for the win resistance capacity. The base weight also matters. We have outdoor umbrellas that are tested for weather conditions of the UAE and the rest of the GCC and the Middle East. These umbrellas can resist sand storms and strong winds. However, the wind resistance varies from one model to another. Our in-house shading experts will be able to assist you in choosing the right umbrella after evaluating the location the umbrella will be placed.

They can also suggest to you the type of umbrella (cantilever, centre pole, giant umbrella etc) best suited to your requirements.

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