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C Shade Sail

The fully automatic SOLIDAY-C represents the ultimate in ease of operability. Wind- and sun sensors enable the sail system to self-adjust, guaranteeing the highest degree of safety possible while you are gone. Convenient, custom operability is provided by means of remote control.

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Max Size

up to 85 Sq M



The SOLIDAY-C rolls up diagonally, and is based on a new patented technology for dynamic sail rigging. Stresses that occur suddenly, such as strong gusts of wind or extreme rain, are cushioned by a sunsail that is always under tension. In combination with correct planning, the dynamic sail rigging is decisive in making SOLIDAY-C the ideal system for protection against the sun or rain.

C Shade Sail | The Shading Company DubaiSOLIDAY is a registered trademark of Plaspack Netze GmbH. Plaspack was founded in 1973 as a processor of synthetic materials and manufacturer of high-tech textiles. Today, the Plaspack Group offers a comprehensive product line including motorised Shade Sails.

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