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CS Shade Sail

In contrast to traditional awnings, the SOLIDAY-CS provides an extraordinarily large area of shade combined with the convenience of fully automated remote control. SOLIDAY CS is rolled up by means of a horizontal, motorized shaft attached to the wall of the building.

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Up to 56 Sq M


40 KM/H



Using an innovative, patented system solution, at the touch of a button the sail is automatically extended as much as 7 m. The sail can either be in triangular form with a single pylon, or square with two pylons – and stretched out horizontally or at an angle, as desired. This innovative sail concept for sun and rain protection opens up whole new design dimensions – an architectural highlight for those cool hours during summer.

  • Projection up to 7m
  • Motorisation
  • 40 Km/H windspeed.
CS Shade Sail | The Shading Company DubaiSOLIDAY is a registered trademark of Plaspack Netze GmbH. Plaspack was founded in 1973 as a processor of synthetic materials and manufacturer of high-tech textiles. Today, the Plaspack Group offers a comprehensive product line including motorised Shade Sails.

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