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Flexy Umbrella

The flexy umbrella is a flat canopy shading system that can be connected to other flexy umbrellas to create a large shading system. The canopy can be tilted and retracted. Motorised or manual operation is possible.

AED 30,150.00 excl Vat

Lead time 10 weeks. Price based on ordering 1 piece.

Flexy Umbrella

Additional information

umbrella size

250x249cm, 250x309cm, 250x369cm, 250x428cm, 250x488cm, 300x249cm, 300x309cm, 300x369cm, 300x428cm, 300x488cm




2 years Manufacturers Warranty

Modular system with a modern and clean design, suitable for covering large areas without central obstructions. Available in 10 different sizes which can be combined together. The system allows to combine one or several modules, depending on the size of the area. Ideal for both commercial use (hotels, restaurants…) and residential use (villas, private gardens). The canopy fabric folds easily thanks to a system which can either be electric or manual, and can be tilted to shade a wider area throughout the day. Aluminum frame with stainless steel hardware. Flexy can be supplied with freestanding bases or in-ground mounts. All FIM products are designed and made in Italy, using the best materials for outdoor use, in order to guarantee exceptional durability even under the most demanding environmental conditions.

Size: up to 488cm in length x 300cm width

Flexy Umbrella | The Shading Company Dubai FIM is a company specialized in the production of large patio umbrellas: a reality consolidated over time thanks to more than 75 years of expertise. Giving shelter and protection from the sun, creating shaded and cool areas as reprieve from the summer hea

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