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Art Monoblock 350 Awning

The art monoblock 350 awning is a monoblock type awning able to shade large areas easily. With a maximum projection of 350cm, it can be configured up to a width of 12m. It can be operated manually or with a motor. The arms can be intergrated with LED and the canopy can be customised with a range of fabric colours. The awning can also be added with a flap at the front. The System is Easy to install and mount.

Art Monoblock 350 Awning

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300x250cm, 350x250cm, 350x300cm, 400x250cm, 400x300cm, 400x350cm, 450x250cm, 450x300cm, 450x350cm, 500x250cm, 500x300cm, 500x350cm, 550x250cm, 550x300cm, 550x350cm, 600x250cm, 600x300cm, 600x350cm




Solution Dyed Acrylic


2 years Manufacturers Warranty

  • 350cm max projection
  • Maximum width 600cm standard or up to 12m
  • Led arm option
  • Motor or manual operation
  • Wind Speed up to 28Km/H
  • 0 to 85 Degree awning angle
Art Monoblock 350 Awning | The Shading Company DubaiLlaza is a family business with over 45 years of history. Located in Spain, just outside of Barcelona, Llaza manufactures a wide range of awnings for export worldwide. The company provides a 2 year manufacturers warranty on the powder coating and the frame components of the parts they produce.

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