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Varioflex Solar LED

The Varioflex Solar LED cantilever umbrella is ideal for shading gardens in the UAE and even works at night with solar powered LED lights providing. 6-8 hours of lighting time. The Model has all the features of the Varioflex model with 360 rotation, back and side tilting.

AED 4,150.00 excl Vat

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Varioflex Solar LED

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Ecru 040#

umbrella size



40 KM/H


2 years Manufacturers Warranty

The Varioflex Solar LED side-mast parasol offers excellent value for money. Made of 100% aluminium, the parasol is very robust and corrosion-resistant. 360° shade is made possible by the turning base and the flexible parasol roof. The Varioflex Solar LED can be repaired quickly and easily using our spare parts. So it’s not such a big deal if something needs to be replaced on your parasol.

  • 6-8 Hours Lighting Time
  • Charge the Lights via Solar or USB
  • 300x300cm Ecru Canopy
  • With 120kg cross base with 4 concrete tiles
  • 360 rotation and Side/back tilting
  • With Protection Cover
SwitchVarioflex LED ribs


Varioflex Solar LED | The Shading Company DubaiGlatz AG was created in 1895 and has been creating umbrellas for over 100 years. Located in Frauenfeld in Switzerland, Glatz offer a large range of umbrellas for the home and commercial use.

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