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Shade Sail in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia – Supplier of Shade Sails

What’s the cost of shade sail including supply and installation in Jeddah? We need an Olympic sized swimming pool to be partially shaded. Also, let us know what kind of maintenance will be required.
Siraj, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Siraj, we can supply shade sail to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Though you mentioned you want to shade an Olympic-sized swimming pool, we will require exact measurements Shade Sail pool Shade in Dubai and a few other details to provide you with a quote.

Shade Sail in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia – Supplier of Shade Sails | The Shading Company Dubai

Since it’s a swimming pool you want to shade, a fixed shade Sail would be a good solution. Fixed shade sails do not have any control options, unlike motorized or retractable shade sails. Based on the surrounding conditions and the area you want to shade either a fixed shade sail or a retractable shade sail can be considered. We offer a 10-year shade sail fabric warranty; that way is protected!

We can help you to choose the right shade option. Let’s connect.

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