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Pergola for Villa, Shade Sail in Fujairah, UAE

What’s the best solution to shade an open veranda? Shade sail or Pergola? We are looking to shade the space between Arab-style villas in Fujairah, without damaging the structure. Please suggest

Balakrishna, Fujairah, UAE

Pergola for Villa, Shade Sail in Fujairah, UAE | The Shading Company Dubai

Hello Balakrishna, we understand that the structure has an Arabic style and you want to shade the area without damaging the visual and structural beauty of the villas. Whether to use a Shade Sail or Pergola mostly depends on the area as well as the structure itself. This will require a site visit by one of our shading experts. He will be able to suggest you the best shading solution based on factors on-site.

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