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Shade Sail Price in Dubai

Motorised Shade Sails

Shade Sail Price in Dubai – How much do Shade Sails cost in Dubai?

There are actually a couple of different shade sails available in the market. Premade Standard models in specific sizes and custom made standard and tensioned types to fit specific areas. How it is installed needs to be considered. Posts and concrete foundations add an extra cost.

What type of Shade Sail are you looking for?

The two main types are tensioned and non tensioned. The Non Tensioned features a  metal D ring at each corner. These types are either premade and available in Ace Hardware or Custom made to specific sizes. They tend to sag more than tensioned shade Sails but are cheaper. The second type is tensioned shade Sails. These have a steel cable that is stitched into the fabric and runs to each wall or post connection. The cable is tightend and fabric stretched to create a large and tight shade sail. These are better for windy locations but are more expensive.

What size Shade do you require?

Standard non tensioned Shade Sail Price range from 300×300 up to 600×600. Custom made sizes can be from 200×200 up to 1200×1000.

Do you require Special requirements?

This will depend on the layout of the garden or terrace. Are there trees in the middle? Is there space to attach to a solid structure. Are posts or concrete foundations required? These all should be considered and have an impact on price.

Do you require installation?

Standard shade sails you buy from ace dont come with installation. These can be installed by a person with DIY experience. Custom made non tensioned and tensioned shade sails can be installed by a qualified company

Shade Sail Price Guide

Shade Sail TypePricing Range USDPrice Range AED
Standard Non Tensioned Shade Sail$80 – $220AED300 – AED800
Custom made Non Tensioned Shade Sail$110 – $350AED400 – AED 1250
Tensioned Shade Sail$320 – $1900AED 1200 – AED 7000

*This is an indicative shade sail price list. The actual price may vary based on various factors.