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Shade Sails

We offer two main types of Shade Sails – either in a fixed version (tensioned or non-tensioned) or with the motorised or manual retractable version. Shade sail is a good option for gardens, patios and pools. Our team can suggest the perfect shade option after a site inspection. 

Fixed Shade Sail

Fixed Shade Sail can be installed between walls or with fixed posts. Ideal for a cheap and easy solution for shade that is n on retractable

Motorised Shade Sail

With large projections, motorised shade sail allow a much larger retractable shade coverage than awnings. Can be motor or manual.

Shade Sails come in two types. Fixed shade sails that are installed with brackets and posts and dont move. The Second type is Motorised shade sails that can be opened and closed with a motor and remote. We can supply a range of options in both designs along with different fabrics.