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Fixed Shade Sails

Fixed shade Sails are a great low cost solution for large garden shading in Dubai and the UAE. Fixed Shade Sails can be supplied for shading without any motor or Manual closing option. Available in a range of Sizes and colours. Can be installed Wall to wall, wall to post or post to post. Enquire with our team on your requirements. 

  • Custom made Sizes
  • Custom colour choices
  • Fix wall to wall, wall to post or post to post.
  • Installation in Dubai. Enquire about other emirates.
  • Commercial 95 Net fabric
  • 10 year fabric warranty
Shade Sails

Non Tensioned Fixed Shade Sails

Max Width 600cm Max projection 600cm

Non-tensioned fixed shade sails are ideal for shading up to 600 x 600cm and feature a round Ring(D ring) at each corner that allows the shade sail to be easily attached to walls and posts. The shade sail can be customised in size. Sizes larger than 600cm will tend to sag and loose their tension and we would recomend Tensioned shade sails instead

Tensioned Fixed Shade Sails

Max Width 1200cm
Max projection 1000cm

Tensioned shade sails differ from non tensioned in that they have a steel cable that runs from each corner aiding in keeping the fabric tension over large sizes. These canopies are also popular in windy locations where the canopy needs extra support. They can be wall mounted (with wall plate) and post mounted either to a wall or with concrete foundation.

Large wall mounted shade sail with posts

Shade Sail FABRICS

We have a range of shade sail fabric colours in stock for our non tensioned and tensioned shade sails in Dubai and the UAE. We use strong and durable commercial 95 hdpe fabric that is long lasting and protects against UV rays. The Fabric brands we work with are Dunet and Gale Pacific. You can view some of the Fabric colours we have available below or on our fabric Page. We can also supply waterproof versions for use over carports for non tensioned shades.


Prices will vary for Shade Sails depending on the sizes, Type of shade Sail, Posts and fixation options.

Tensioned shade sail inc installation – 1350AED to 10000AED depending on size and fittings

Non Tensioned Shades sails excluding hardware – Range 450AED to 1600AED depending on size

Let us know the size you require and we can give you pricing for your shade Sail . For tensioned and non tensioned Shade Sails.

We can make our shade sails in a range of custom and standard sizes. Our largest standard non tensioned size is 700x500cm and 600×600. Tensioned shade sails can be larger. Enquire with our team if you have a larger size.

There are two main types of Fixed Shade Sail. Tensioned and non tensioned. Tensioned means that there is a cable running from bracket to bracket or post to bracket. This allows the tensioned shade sail to keep its shape, cover a larger area and more resistance to wind. A non tensioned shade sail just has fabric running to each connection. This is used in smaller shade Areas up to 550×550 and for non windy location requiring a lower cost shade.

You can view our available colours on our fabric page

Shade Sail commercial 95 fabric has a 10 year warranty and the fittings are galvanised or stainless steel which will last a long time

The shade sail will not stop rain with our standard commercial 95 fabric however enquire with our team for other fabrics and materials.

Fixed Shade Sails Range

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