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Shading for Villa in Abu Dhabi UAE

I am looking for shading for the backyard of my villa. What’s a good option? A shade sail or side pole umbrella. Do you guys install the shading in Abu Dhabi?
Anthony, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Anthony, thanks for contacting The Shading Company. Yes, we do install shading in Abu Dhabi.

Shading the backyard of a villa is a good thing in many ways. It extends the usable space, regardless of the weather conditions, and also helps to keep the indoors cooler. Now, whether to settle for a shade sail, side pole umbrella, or an awning – is a question that can be answered based on a few other aspects – like

  1. How big is the area you want to shade?
  2. The direction of the backyard – will you require changing the direction based on the sun position?
  3. Will the shade need to be moved occasionally?
  4. Will you require closing the shade at times?


Shading for VillaFor a precise answer, we will require the above questions to be answered. Our team will evaluate your requirements and will suggest you the best shading solution for your villa at Abudhabi. Also, check out some of the shading projects we did in Abudhabi and other parts of UAE here.

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