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Sun Shades in Dubai – how to pick the right model.

sun shades in dubai
Sunshades are popular in Dubai and the UAE due to the near year round sunshine and high temperatures. There are several different types of Sunshades which we outline below and we highlight when each type is best to be used. Umbrellas, Awnings, Shade Sails and Pergolas. A sunshade is any device allowing protection from the Sun. They are very popular for gardens and businesses looking to shade from the Sun. The Most popular Sunshades are listed below.

Umbrellas or Parasols

Umbrellas or parasols are typically Cantilever or hanging types that allow a base to be positioned to the side. The are popular for this reason in that they don’t get in the way of tables and sofas. These are ideal when you are not in a windy location or on a ground floor in a garden or terrace. We avoid installing these on high floors as they are more susceptible to wind. Alternatively centre pole umbrellas can be used that are more stable. These sunshades can withstand strong winds and are used on terraced, in the middle of tables or around a swimming pool.


Awnings are retractable shades that need to be installed on a wall and can open and close based on their requirements. Awnings are an interesting Sunshade in that they can be closed and not get in the way of views. They are wall mounted and operated with motors or via manual hand crank. They can also be automated with wind sensors, programming functions etc. They are used to shade terraces aswell as keeping a home cooler by stopping direct sunlight entering the home.

Shade Sails

Shade Sails are either fixed or retractable sunshades that can offer a large amount of shade. They are attached to a post or wall. They can be either fixed or Retractable system. They can offer a very cost effective shading solution.The fabric is a robust Commercial 95 mesh type fabric that offers excellent lifespan. Smaller sizes can be non tensioned however larger systems are tensioned with a cable running from point to point allowing the canopy to be tight.


Pergolas are fixed structures that are attached to a building or installed as a free standing sunshade. Pergolas offer the ability to have a strong waterproof system that can be used year round and even installed with Glass to create a formal room. More expensive than the other system discussed, they never the less offer a more permanent solution for residential and commercial shading requirements.

Whatever the requirement you are looking for, The Shading Company in Dubai is able to supply these four solutions for your home or project. Contact our Sales team or alternatively visit our warehouse display to see the models in action.