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Umbrella Price in Dubai

umbrella price in dubai

How much do umbrellas cost in Dubai?

There are a variety of umbrellas on the market today, each with their benefits. The common question we are always asked is how much does an umbrella cost? However before we can accurately answer this question there are always three questions we need to ask a customer..

What type of umbrella are you looking for?

There are three main common types of umbrellas in Dubai. Cantilever, Centre pole and Giant umbrellas. For a detailed articles on how they are different view this article here

What size umbrella do you require?

Umbrella sizes vary and can range from 250cm up to 600cm round or 200×200 up to 600×600. Common sizes are around 300cm round and 300x300cm. The larger the umbrella the more expensive the price.

Do you require Special Features?

Certain umbrellas have special features like granite bases, moveable base. Side to side tilting, intergrated lighting or Ability to withstand high winds. Depending on its use this will effect the price. Additionally custom made Canopies and logo printing if required will increase the price.

Umbrella price Guide

Umbrella Price average range

Umbrella TypePricing Range USDPrice Range AED
Cantilever Umbrella$408 – $5720AED1500 – AED21000
Centre Pole Umbrellas$165 – $1630AED600 – AED 6000
Giant Umbrellas$3250 – $8200AED12000 – AED 30000