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Why awnings are a popular choice of shading for the home


With many shading solutions available for the garden, awnings are sometimes overlooked as a viable shading solution in place of popular umbrellas. Here we will discuss why awnings are a great choice and long term solution to shading for the home.

Retractable Awnings allow up to 500cm of projection and up to 600cm of width + to be installed on a wall at the home and extend out and close either manually or at the touch of button. It requires a solid wall to be installed and can give you quite a lot of shading.

Awning Size

One of the advantages of an awning is its size. With a 600x400cm size giving 24sq meters of shade, it can offer shading much larger than common umbrellas . To buy a 600x400cm umbrella would require buying a non standard umbrella that will almost certainly require ordering. Additionally the canopy size can be customized. Need a 452cm width x 300cm…no problem. This is not possible with umbrellas.  Additionally Awnings can reach a projection of up to 500cm. This can give a potential 600x500cm or 30 sq meters of shade.


Depending on the size of awning, an awning will most probably work out to be cheaper than the alternative umbrella. The larger sizes are where the price advantage with awnings really come in to their own. A 600cm x 400cm awning with a motor would be around 8000AED where as an umbrella would almost certainly be more than this .. likely 15000 – 20000AED.


The advantage of awnings is that they can be easily motorized and enabled with Automation. Need the awning to open at 8am and close at 5pm. No problem. Close the awning with high winds?  That’s also possible. This is much harder and more expensive to achieve with regular umbrellas. Even manual awnings can be converted into a motorized awning. Automation features exist such as mobile control, remote timers, shake and wind sensors. They can even be controlled with Alexa and Siri.


Awnings present distinct advantages over other forms of shading with the combination of size, price and automation. They can be a viable solution to having year round shading for the home.